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Principal Investigators
Tipu Aziz Tipu Aziz Professor of Neurosurgery
David Beeson David Beeson Professor in Molecular Neurosciences
David Bennett David Bennett Senior Wellcome Clinical Scientist
Rafal Bogacz Rafal Bogacz Senior Research Fellow in Computational Neuroscience
Peter Brown Peter Brown Professor of Experimental Neurology
Christopher Butler Christopher Butler Senior Clinical Research Fellow
Zameel Cader Zameel Cader Director of the Oxford Headache Centre and Director of StemBANCC
Binith Cheeran Binith Cheeran Honorary Consultant Neurologist
Matthew Craner Matthew Craner Consultant Neurologist
James FitzGerald James FitzGerald Consultant Neurosurgeon
Lars Fugger Lars Fugger Professor of Neuroimmunology
Alex Green Alex Green Consultant Neurosurgeon
Michele Hu Michele Hu Senior Clinical Research Fellow
Masud Husain Masud Husain Professor of Neurology & Cognitive Neurosicence
Astrid Iversen Astrid Iversen University Research Lecturer
Ned Jenkinson Ned Jenkinson University Research Lecturer
Christopher Kennard Christopher Kennard Head of Department
Bethan Lang Bethan Lang University Research Lecturer
Andrea Nemeth Andrea Nemeth Senior Clinical Research Fellow
Peter Rothwell Peter Rothwell Professor of Clinical Neurology
Arjune Sen Arjune Sen BRC Senior Research Fellow
Kevin Talbot Kevin Talbot Professor of Motor Neuron Biology
George Tofaris George Tofaris Wellcome Trust Clinician Scientist
Martin Turner Martin Turner Senior Clinician Scientist
Angela Vincent Angela Vincent Professor of Neuroimmunology
Mark Woolrich Mark Woolrich OHBA Head Of Analysis
Research Scientists
Samrah Ahmed Samrah Ahmed Postdoctoral research scientist, academic neuropsychologist
Zoi Alexopoulou Zoi Alexopoulou Clinical Fellow and DPhil Candidate
Chrystalina Antoniades Chrystalina Antoniades Research fellow
Matthew Apps Matthew Apps Postdoctoral Research Associate
Lucy Binney Lucy Binney Clinical Research Fellow
Sandra Boccard Sandra Boccard Post-doctoral Researcher
John-Stuart Brittain John-Stuart Brittain Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Annette Burgess Research Biochemist
Hayriye Cagnan Hayriye Cagnan Post-doctoral Research Associate
Satyan Chintawar Satyan Chintawar Postdoctoral Researcher
Trevor Chong Trevor Chong Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Myriam Elschami Myriam Elschami Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Stuart Golodetz Stuart Golodetz Postdoctoral Research Associate
Stephen Hicks Stephen Hicks Research Fellow in Neuroscience and Visual Prosthetics
Ellen McCulloch Clinical Research Nurse
Justin McKee Justin McKee Clinical Research Fellow in Multiple Sclerosis
Ziyah Mehta Statistician
Arpan Mehta Academic Clinical Fellow (Neurology)
Kinan Muhammed Kinan Muhammed Neurology Clinical Fellow
Ruxandra Mutihac Ruxandra Mutihac Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Ashwini Oswal Ashwini Oswal Clinical Research Fellow
Muriel Panouilleres Postdoctoral Research Associate
Simon Rinaldi Simon Rinaldi NIHR Clinical Lecturer
Michal Rolinski Michal Rolinski Clinical Research Fellow in Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders
Clive Rosenthal Clive Rosenthal Research Fellow
Elisabeth Rounis Elisabeth Rounis Clinical Lecturer in Neurology
Helen Segal Research Scientist
James Sleigh James Sleigh Postdoctoral Researcher
Anna Stachowicz Anna Stachowicz Research Assistant
Huiling Tan Huiling Tan Postdoctoral Research Associate
Christiane Weinrich Christiane Weinrich Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Frank Wolters Clinical Research Fellow
Mark Woodhall Postdoctoral Researcher
Nahid Zokaei Nahid Zokaei Postdoctoral Research Associate
Joram van Rheede Joram van Rheede Postdoctoral Research Associate
Honorary Staff
Richard Armstrong Richard Armstrong Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer
George Ebers George Ebers Professor of Neurology
Margaret Esiri Margaret Esiri Professor of Neuropathology
Ursula Schulz Ursula Schulz NIHR Clinician Scientist
Support Staff
Jean Brooks PA to Professor P M Rothwell
Linda Bull Clinical Research Nurse
Marie Cooney Clinical Research Fellow
Fiona Cuthbertson Clinical Research Therapist
Debra Green Administrative Assistant
Vinod Motiani Vinod Motiani Tissue Coordinator and Enucleator
Deirdre Newman Oxford StemBANCC Project Manager
Nicola Radcliffe Clinical Research Nurse
Susannah Rae Research Nurse
Louise Silver Research Coordinator
Michelle Wilson Clinical Research Therapist
Graduate Students
Saif Huda DPhil Student